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XTREME PS3 LiTE :: Firmware History


Firmware History

How do I backup/rip a UMD?

Before you can begin backing up UMDs, you require a few things, they are:

  • UMD Ripping Tool – there are several available including UMD Ripper GX, UMDNetRipper, UMDTool etc.
  • A Homebrew Compatible PSP with a working UMD Drive – you can use UMDTool to test your UMD Drive.
  • UMDGen – a tool to convert files into PSP compatible ISOs and to convert ISOs into different formats.
  • A large memory card (actual size will depend on which game you would like to rip) – ideal size is 2GB with at least 1.8GB free.

To backup a UMD, follow the below instructions:

  1. Insert a UMD into the drive and start up your ripping application, the easiest to use is UMD Ripper GX.
  2. Depending on the size of the game, the ripping process may take a long time. The ripped UMD will either be stored as a ISO file or as seperate files.
    (UMDTool and UMDNetRipper both extract files seperately. UMD Ripper GX extracts an ISO Image saved as “GX.ISO” in folder “X:ISO”)
  3. After the ripping process is completed, check your memory stick for the dumped files, the actual location depends on what program you use (see individual readme files for information).
  4. If an ISO file is created, then the process is complete and you have successfully backed-up a UMD.
    If you see individual files, you will need to use UMDGen to create an ISO manually.

[UMD Ripping Tools]

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