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Frequently Asked Questions

Are PSP/PS3 user’s PSN accounts also available on PS Vita?

Batman: Arkham City Q&A

Can a PlayStation 3 Controller be used with the PSPgo?

Can I connect my PS3 hard drive to my PC?

Can I convert my own movies and play them on the PSP?

Can I email my game saves to friends or upload them to a server/website/FTP site?

Can I play games from Japan or US on my European PSP? What about UMD movies?

Can I play PlayStation 1 games on my PSP?

Can I play VOB files on the PS3 without converting them?

Can I put wallpaper on the XMB? How?

Can I Share my PS5 Games With Friends or Family?

Can I Store or Play PS5 Games From a USB drive?

Can I Transfer PS5 Games to an External Hard Disk?

Can I unlock trophies by copying over game save data?

Can I Upgrade the PS4’s Hard Drive?

Can I use my PlayStation 2 Memory Card with the PlayStation 3?

Can I use old PSP accessories with the PSPgo?

Can I use the PlayStation 3 with no hard drive installed?

Can I write to Blu-Ray discs using the PlayStation 3?

Can the PlayStation 3 play DivX/XviD files?

Can the PlayStation 3 play WMV files?

Can the PS5 lay horizontally / sideways?

Can the PSPgo play UMD games?

Can you connect the PS3 wireless controller to the PS Vita like the PSPgo?

Can you take out the battery from the system?

Can you use a commercially available Bluetooth keyboard / mouse?

Do all PS Vita users have to sign up with a cell phone provider?

Does PS Vita have internal memory?

Does the DualShock 4 Controller Work on the PS5?

Does the PS Vita support Bluetooth headsets / headphones?

Does the PS Vita support Trophies?

Does the PS5 Support Remote Play?

Does the PSPgo have in-game XMB access?

Exporting Screenshots and Video Footage to External USB Devices

How can I add funds to my PlayStation Store account?

How can I backup/restore data on the PS3?

How can I copy files to and from the PlayStation 3?

How can I group games into folders?

How can I hide corrupted icons from the XMB?

How can I multi-task on the XMB?

How can I play my own music in-game?

How can I remote play via the Internet using my PSP?

How can I replace the battery on the PSPgo?

How can I rip music from a CD using the PlayStation 3?

How can I see the remaining battery time on the PSPgo?

How can I separate games on the PlayStation 3?

How can I turn off the Information Board?

How can I update the Flash version on my PSP?

How can I use a PS2 DualShock controller on the PS3?

How come my PSP background changed colors?

How do I access the old PS Menu?

How do I access the PlayStation Store?

How do I activate Remote Start to use with Remote Play?

How do I backup my PlayStation 3 savedata?

How do I backup/rip a UMD?

How do I change my PlayStation Network Username?

How do I check battery life while playing a game?

How do I connect my PSP to my stereo?

How do I convert UMD rips to ISO, CSO, DAX or EZIP?

How do I create a new user?

How do I create my own PSP Magazine?

How do I edit my PlayStation Account information?

How do I enable WMV playback on the PS3?

How do I game share?

How Do I Group Content On the PlayStation 3?

How do I install a new hard disk in my PlayStation 3?

How do I install another Operating System on the PS3?

How do I install or delete a XMB Theme?

How do I know if my SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 Controller is charged?

How do I load Homebrew?

How do I mute the PSP?

How do I play music on my PSP?

How do I put photos on to my PSP?

How do I put the screen on sleep mode?

How do I put videos onto my PSP?

How do I read RSS News Feeds on my PSP?

How do I remove a wallpaper from the XMB?

How do I report a PSN user to Sony?

How do I reset the display settings on my PS3?

How do I rip games into ISOs?

How do I set automatic login?

How do I turn off the DualShock vibration feature?

How do I unlock trophies?

How do I update my PSP?

How do I update the firmware on the PS3?

How Do I Upgrade a PS4 Game to the PS5 Version?

How Do I Upgrade PlayStation Plus Essential to PlayStation Plus Extra or Deluxe / Premium?

How do I upscale DVDs?

How do I use a Bluetooth device with the PlayStation 3?

How do I use my new controller on my PlayStation 3?

How do I use Skype on my PSP?

How do I use the Internet Radio?

How do you buy PS Vita games?

How Does the PS5 “Slim” Compare to the Original PS5?

How does the PS5 compare to the PS4 in size?

How does the XMB display content?

How long does the PS Vita take to charge?

How long does the PSPgo battery last?

How many controllers does the PS3 support?

How much data can a Blu-Ray disc hold?

How Much Does PlayStation Plus Essential / Extra / Deluxe / Premium cost?

How much flash memory does the PlayStation 3 have?

How much space available on the PSPgo?

How Much Usable Space is there on the PS5’s 825 GB SSD?

How much will PS Vita cost?

How will existing PSP UMD games work with the PS Vita?

I cannot save bookmarks on my browser!

I have a DualShock 3 controller. How do I turn on/off the vibration feature?

I have unlocked a trophy but cannot see it on my profile. Why?

I’ve broken/bricked my PS3! How can I fix it?

Is it possible to brick the PlayStation 3?

Is PS Vita compatible with other PlayStation platform games?

Is PS Vita compatible with PSP content other than games such as video and comics available on PlayStation Store?

Is the PlayStation 3 region-free?

LittleBigPlanet 2 FAQ

Oddworld: Soulstorm Release Date Set for April, Free on PS5 with PlayStation Plus

PlayStation 3 3D Display FAQ

PlayStation 3 Trophy System Explained

PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ

PlayStation Network and Qriocity Outage FAQ

PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services FAQ #2

PlayStation Plus FAQ

PS Vita supports 3G network connectivity, does this mean PS Vita will be sold through cell-phone providers?

PS Vita: The Ultimate FAQ

PSN FAQ – Restoration Questions Answered

Request Your PS VR Adapter for the PS5

Security Settings and Content Control

Sony Releases FAQs on Firmware v4.45 Bricking

Sony Releases Ultimate FAQ for PlayStation TV

Sony’s Ultimate PS4 FAQ Answers Common Questions

There are two slots on the PS Vita, what are they for?

Tutorial: Broadcasting Gameplay on the PS4 using

Tutorial: Changing the Theme on the PS4

Tutorial: How to Access the PS4 Recovery Menu / Safe Mode

Welcome Back Programe FAQ

What are 2D Trophies? How do they work?

What are PS5 Game Presets?

What are the differences between Japanese, American and European PSPs?

What are the differences between the PS3 model numbers?

What are the Dimensions of the PS4?

What are the Full Specs of the DualSense Controller?

What are the main difference between the SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 controllers?

What are the specs of the OLED screen?

What are the tech specs for the PlayStation Vita?

What audio files does the PS3 support?

What Blu-Ray region is my PlayStation 3?

What colours is the PSPgo available in?

What Comes in the PS4 Box?

What comes in the PS5 Retail Box?

What Controllers are Compatible on the PS5?

What display settings does the PS3 support?

What does the Dynamic Normalizer setting do?

What does the PS5’s menu look like?

What files are shared between different users on the PS3?

What game format will the PS Vita use?

What happens if the battery dies or I need to turn the PSP off?

What happens of I switch of my PSP or if the battery dies during an update?

What image file can the PS3 recognise?

What is “LiveArea”?

What is “Near”?

What is a Custom Firmware?

What is Blu-ray?

What is Bricking? What does it do to the PSP?

What is DLNA?

What is Folding@Home?

What is Full Specification of the PS4 Pro and DualShock 4 Controller (2016 Revisions)?

What is Full Specification of the PS4?

What is Game Boost Mode on the PS5?

What is Homebrew?

What is meant my Downgrading a PSP?

What is PS3 Error 80010514 – An error occurred during the start operation?

What is PS4 Error CE-32928-4?

What is PS4 Error CE-33191-7?

What is PS4 Error CE-33198-4?

What is PS4 Error CE-37857-0?

What is PS4 Error NP-34925-3?

What is PS5 Error CE-108255-1?

What is PS5 Error CE-108262-9?

What is Qore?

What is shared on the PlayStation 3 and what is private to a user?

What is the battery life for the PSP?

What is the Cell Broadband Engine?

What is the difference between PlayStation Plus Essential / Extra / Deluxe / Premium?

What is the difference between the 20GB, 40GB and 60GB PS3?

What is the difference between the PSP system and the PS Vita in terms of hardware specs?

What is the Emotion Engine and Graphic Synthesizer?

What is the official name?

What is the PlayStation Plus Collection?

What is the PSP “Giga-Pack”?

What is the PSP directory structure on the Memory Stick Duo/PSP Memory Card?

What is the technical specification of the PS5?

What is XMB? What does it have to do with the PSP?

What Memory Card does my PSP support?

What new functionality does the PSPgo offer?

What Parent Controls can I set on the PlayStation 3?

What Ports Can I Find on the PS4?

What Ports Does the PlayStation Portal Have?

What Ports Does the PS5 Have?

What PS1/PS2 games are compatible with my PlayStation 3?

What PS2 accessories can I use with the PS3?

What PS4 Games are Backwards Compatible on the PS5?

What region Blu-Ray/DVD movies can my PlayStation 3 play?

What Resolutions Does the PS5 Support?

What sized memory cards are available for the PS Vita?

What Trophies Can I See on Each PlayStation Platform?

What type of files can I store on my memory stick?

What type of PSP retail packs area available?

What types of RSS feeds does the PSP support?

What video files does the PS3 support?

What XMB features can I access in-game?

When installing games or demos, I get Error 80029564. What does this mean?

When is the PS4 coming out?

When was PlayStation 3 Launched?

When was the PSP released in Europe?

When was the PSP released in Japan?

When was the PSP released in North America?

When will PS Vita be available?

Where is the new PlayStation Plus rolling out, and when?

Where is the PS5’s SSD Expansion Slot located?

Which Audio Output Formats Does the PS5 Support?

Which M.2 SSDs Can be Used with the PS5?

Which PS4 Games Can be Upgraded to PS5?

Which PS4 Peripherals / Accessories Will Work on PS5?

Why does my Internet Browser display a low memory error?

Why is the controller called SIXAXIS?

Will PS Vita support all content that will become available on PlayStation Suite?

Will the DualShock 3 Controller Work with the PS4?

Will the PS Vita have video output?

Will the PS4 Camera Work with the PS5?

Will users be able to access PlayStation Store from both 3G and Wi-Fi?

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